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The Basics of Key Signatures: Part 2

Now that you're an expert on Major key signatures, let's learn about Minor keys. This time, there's no difference between sharps and flats. To find the minor key from a major key, simply find the first note of the major key, then go down three half steps. This is the relative minor to the original major key.

Let's do an example: We know that F#, C#, and D# is the key signature of E Major. Three half steps down from the note of E is C#. So, the relative minor of E Major is C# minor.

Here's some more for you to practice with! (Answers are at the bottom of this post.)

Find the relative minor to these major keys:

1. A Major

2. B Major

3. G♭Major

4. D Major

5. E♭Major


F# minor, G# minor, E♭minor, B minor, C minor

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