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I'm Erin, a high school student and pianist from the Bay Area. From now on, I will be posting short blogs to help you or your child learn the basics of playing piano. Of course, this is not meant to replace the guidance of a real piano teacher; my intention is to provide a place where essential knowledge is easily accessible for piano students of all levels.

I started this project during the Coronavirus crisis in the spring of 2020, when I couldn't meet with my students for a few months. I assumed that if these kids were anything like my six year old brother, they were bouncing off the walls with boredom at home. For the sake of their wellbeing (and their parents' sanity), I want to offer them a chance to have fun and stay engaged with music through this project. Hopefully, this will motivate piano students everywhere to use our quarantine-time as an opportunity to improve as a pianist.

I'll share what I know so far, but keep in mind that I am still in the process of learning (as we all are). Everyday I find something new to love about piano. I hope that this website will be helpful to you as you start, or continue, your journey of music!

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