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Tips for Parents of Music Students

Your role as a parent is just as important as that of a music teacher. Your child likely sees their teacher once a week, but you are there with them everyday. No matter how musically inclined your child is, the fact remains that children need guidance and support with their daily practice in order to thrive as a musician.

Encourage your child to practice daily, but don't force them to sit at the piano if their attention is obviously somewhere else. Allow breaks as often as you see fit, especially for younger students. Speak to your child with love and patience as you work with them; never raise your voice in anger. Not only does this result in tears, frustration, and unproductive practice, but it also cultivates an unhealthy relationship with music over time.

Your primary goal should be to help your child grow in their love for music; competitions and awards should not be the main thing in mind. If you encourage your child to truly want to play piano, these other opportunities will fall into place naturally.

Of course, this requires years of time and attention from you as a parent, but more importantly, it also demands mindfulness of your actions and words. Even the smallest off-hand comment can stick in the back of a child's mind for years.

As long as you keep these things in mind throughout your child's journey with music, you are doing a wonderful job as a parent. Be supportive, be mindful, and be loving!

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